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We consider authors our partners. 

Finding an agent is not the end goal; we are just one part of the journey to becoming a published author and building your career. 


Catherine Wallace is currently open for submissions. 

Fergus Inder will open to submissions from Australia-based authors only on June 5, 2023.

Please check his Manuscript Wishlist for updated preferences and submit via QueryManager


Please check the website for further updates in June 2023.

Scroll down for submission requirements.

Note: We do not represent erotica, poetry, short story collections, essay collections or visual coffee table books at this time.


​1. A full synopsis with spoilers or a detailed book proposal if non-fiction.

2. The first 3 chapters of your manuscript.

3. The shorter, descriptive text that might appear on the back cover of your novel or book.

4. A short bio (around 5 lines).

5. Details of your manuscript assessment (if any).

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