High Spot Literary considers authors our partners. 

Our agents prefer to work with authors who understand that finding an agent is not the end goal; we are just one part of the journey to becoming a published author. 


Thank you for your interest in High Spot Literary. Covid-19 lockdowns and the closure of bookstores globally has meant that many publishers have pushed the publication dates of books on their lists forward or contracted the amount of books they will publish. Our own submissions pile remains huge due to having to slow down during lockdown. Because of this, we have temporarily closed submissions. Please check back in in three months time (end September) for an update. 

Please note: We only work with authors who have had their manuscripts professionally assessed. 

We do not represent sci-fi/fantasy, horror, erotica, poetry or children's picture books. 


​1. A full synopsis with spoilers.

2. The first 3 chapters of your completed, polished manuscript or the first 50 pages.

3. The shorter, descriptive text that might appear on the back cover of your novel or book.

high spot n. A highly regarded first or important edition of a book.
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