High Spot Literary welcomes the opportunity to work with publishers actively seeking out International Rights deals
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Awa Press is an independent, innovative and wholly New Zealand-owned company. Founded in 2003 to publish and promote the best of contemporary non-fiction by New Zealand and overseas authors. Our name is derived from a Māori word meaning river or channel. We think of ourselves as the fount of a river of books.

We have two passions: one, of course, is books. We love books that are creative, imaginative, daring and accomplished. All the people who have written the books on our list are, to our way of thinking, heroes. Anyone who sits facing a blank page (or more often a screen), day after day, translating thoughts into words, deserves to become a millionaire. Most, though, will be lucky to make a few dollars. They write for another reason, love of words perhaps, or just the thrill of seeing someone reading their book on a bus.

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Based in Auckland, New Zealand, under the shadow of One Tree Hill (Maungakiekie), we aim to reach out to the world with a range of carefully crafted works, each destined to become much-loved stories, told by New Zealand authors and illustrators.


We use our expertise to publish titles that babies through to young adults will love  – stories that reflect Aotearoa New Zealand's landscape and experience while promoting our substantial literary tradition to the world. These works may not always be set in New Zealand but will emanate from our uniquely talented pool of authors and illustrators

high spot n. A highly regarded first or important edition of a book.
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